Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Prayer for Unity: Invocation for the CO House Of Representatives - 1/30/14

Invocation for the Colorado House of Representatives
January 30, 2014
Rabbi Joseph R. Black – Temple Emanuel, Denver, CO

In three days, the eyes of the world will be focused on a cold football stadium in New Jersey.  Most of Colorado will be gathered around our televisions, cheering on our beloved Broncos.  For four quarters, we will be brought together in our support of our gridiron gladiators.  For a brief moment in time, our hearts and our hopes will be united.
If only our ability to come together could expand beyond loyalty to our sports teams!  Think of what we could accomplish if we put aside our bickering and focused on making our State a better place.  For too long, the walls of this chamber have echoed with partisan passion and ad hominum accusations.  Now is time for change.  We pray for compassion and communion. 

Our God and God of all people.

You have given us a moral and intellectual core that allows us to discern the inequities and injustices around us.  Help us to use this gift wisely.

Bless these elected officials, O God.  Give them the strength to see beyond the petty and the political.  Help them to look deep inside themselves and into the eyes of those with whom they disagree.  Let them see you wherever they gaze.

Help them to remember why they were brought here.  Let them understand the positions and the passions of their opponents.  Let them move beyond the polemic to the poetic.

And in the process of doing so, God – may they become united: not only in loyalty to party and platform – but in their common vision for a better world, a better country, a better state of Colorado.

On this day of deliberation, we pray that those who seek meaning and purpose in their lives and through their work will find You in the potential to make a difference in their actions.

At this time of new beginnings, may Your presence guide even those who do not seek You.

We pray that you might be present to those who labor on behalf of our community.

Thank you for all of Your blessings.  And Go Broncos!


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