Monday, July 11, 2016

Opening Prayer for the Mayor’s State of the City Address- 7/11/16

Opening Prayer for the Mayor’s State of the City Address
Rabbi Joseph R. Black
 Temple Emanuel – Denver, CO
July 11, 2016

Our God and the God of all people.
God of the rich.
God of the Poor.
God of the hunted.
And God of the protector.
God of the faithful
God of those who have no God.
We come here today to celebrate our great city, our mayor and other public  officials, and to share in the power of vision, community and purpose.
These are troubled times, O God.
Our cities are in turmoil.  Young Black men live in fear of violence and police officers are targeted while they work to protect the peace.
Too many lives have been tragically snuffed out by the blindness of bullets and those who use them.
Tensions are high, O God. Grief, anger and hopelessness for too long have been the watchword of those who labor to better your world. On this day of self-awareness, bless our City and its leaders.
Bless our citizens – those who live in comfort and those who live in fear; those who are hopeful and those who only know despair.
Help us to look deep into ourselves and our souls so that we might atone for our sins and peel away the layers of denial and diversion that keep us from seeing the ugliness that lies in plain sight.
But in the midst of our atonement, let us not lose sight of the breathtaking beauty, promise and potential that all of us share.
We, who are blessed to live in this beautiful place must find time to see You, O God – in the majestic mountains, in the towering buildings, and in the faces of our leaders and our fellow citizens.
Governance is all too often a thankless task.  In our coming together – let us not forget to give thanks for those who struggle on a daily basis to ensure that our great city of Denver Colorado will serve as a model of tolerance, cultural and educational excellence, financial growth and sacred communion with every person created in God’s image.
We ask your blessing on this gathering; on our mayor, our leaders and upon us all.
Oseh Shalom Bimromav, hu yaaseh Shalom:
May the One who makes peace on high, bring peace to our city, our nation and our world.