Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Opening Prayer for the Colorado State House February 5, 2015

Opening Prayer for the Colorado House of Representatives
February 5, 2015
Rabbi Joseph R. Black
Temple Emanuel – Denver, CO

Our God, and the God of all people:
God of the poor and God of the powerful;
God of the rich and God of the wretched;
God of hubris and God of humility;
God of those who believe and God of those who are beleaguered;
God of those who have no God:
We come together this morning – in this place of privilege and power – to pray on behalf of those who have been chosen to lead our great State of Colorado.
On this day of deliberation we pray that You might open our eyes so that we might see the possibilities that lie in front of us.
We ask that you allow us to hear the cries of those who are in pain – who suffer from the inequities and inequalities that plague our cities and towns. 
We ask that you allow us to hear the exuberance of those who are inspired by hope and the promise of tomorrow.
May this be a day of transformation.
May these legislators find ways to connect with one another – to build bridges of cooperation and collaboration that break down the barriers of political isolation and one-upmanship.
May every disagreement that occurs today be for the sake of our common vision of a path to improve our State – to improve  our districts – to improve this sacred chamber –  to improve ourselves.
God, You have given us the ability to learn and to grow.  May each of us strive to accept the gifts that we bring to our work.  May we treasure the possibilities that emerge from our deliberations and, in the process of doing so, take one more step towards the perfection of Your all too imperfect world.
Forgive us for our weakness.
Push us to go beyond our limitations.
Inspire us with the blessings that are waiting for us to open our eyes so that we might see them in plain sight.
Help us to see Your presence wherever we gaze.
And let us say:  AMEN