Sunday, July 14, 2019

Walking ‘Round The Lake

Last week, Sue and I walked around Lake Harriet during our annual visit to Minnesota- one of the many beautiful lakes in Minneapolis. I met Sue in the Twin Cities. I began my Rabbinate at Temple Israel.
Walking around a lake is a quintessential Minneapolis pastime.
This poem/song is a reflection on the passage of time and the power of love.

Walking round the lake
July 8, 2019
Words and Music © Rabbi Joe Black
All Rights Reserved

Walking round the lake
The memories keep flooding in
Each time you circle round
It’s sometimes hard to take - 
Footsteps bring you closer
As you dream about the sound.

Of endless days and longer strides
And winsome grooms and bashful brides
And paths you crossed when you were in your prime.
The wonder of a furtive glance
The promise of a new romance
Remembering a different, younger time.

Walking round the lake
You take a pause to catch your breath
And feel the wear and tear
The little creaks and aches
Reminding you to take it slow
Your legs are worse for wear.

But then you stop and look above
You hold her hand and feel the love
And think about the steps that led you here
Although it twisted with your fate
The path you took was worth the weight
You’ve shared it with the one you love so dear

Walking round the lake
You stop and sit upon a bench
Thankful for the breeze
What once was so opaque
Now shimmers like a dragon fly
That floats beneath the trees

Then you lose your shoes and free your feet
You dip your toes to beat the heat
And watch the ripples glisten in the sun
If life is just a circle game
Then I’ll take another turn again

And do my best to play until I’m done

Walking round the lake
The memories keep flooding in
Each time you circle round
Like frosting on a cake
You taste the simple sweetness
That you’ve found

And love is all around

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