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Opening Prayer for the State House of Colorado January 18, 2018

Opening Prayer for the State House of Colorado
January 18, 2018
Rabbi Joseph R. Black – Temple Emanuel - Denver

Our God and God of all people:

We come to you this morning from many different faith traditions.  As we celebrate the splendor and potential of our great State of Colorado, we acknowledge the fact that you reveal many truths – it is our task to hear and heed them.

Merciful Creator, guide these Legislators as they go about their sacred work. May any conflicts that arise in the course of deliberation be seen as a reflection of the diversity with which we have been blessed.

Holy One of Blessing – help our leaders to see the good in one other – and let that goodness triumph over partisanship.

In this time of cynicism and divisiveness, help these men and women to see the faces that, all too often are unseen – the men, women and children living on the edge - for whom these deliberations may very well determine the difference between hope and despair.

May this day bring out the best in these leaders who have been elected to labor on behalf of their constituents.

Our God - we have seen You in the faces of faceless – eager to love and be loved

We have heard you in moments of wonder – when men, women and children come together in mutual longing and the promise of a better tomorrow.

On this day of deliberation, let us pray that our leaders and officials might find You within themselves. 

·        May they find You in their ability to hear one other – to respect one other – to do the sacred work of governing our State of Colorado.

·        May they find You in satisfaction that comes from hard work and due deliberation.

·        May they come to know You as they come to know each other – and respect the skills that each brings to the floor of debate.

·        May their discussions give way to a higher sense of purpose and understanding – and along the way, may it elucidate and elevate the decisions that are to be made.

We thank you for these men and women who serve our great state of Colorado.  Guide their deliberations with purpose and an awareness of the sacred.

And let us say,


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