Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Prayer For The Mid-Point of a Legislative Session

Our God and God of all people:
You who have implanted within us an urgency to make a difference…
As we come together on this day of deliberation – let us take a moment to reflect on the fact that we have reached the mid-point of our legislative calendar.  As in any endeavor with which we engage ourselves, it is important that we use milestones and measures to reflect on our accomplishments to date. 
Let us look back on the days and weeks that have brought us to this point. Let us acknowledge the fact that, while the end is in sight, the list of tasks that lay unfinished grows increasingly heavy.
Now is a time for taking stock in ourselves and our souls – as a legislative body and as unique individuals created in the image of a loving Creator. 
We ask ourselves these questions that rise up from the depths of our souls:
·        Have I realized the goals that I set for myself?
·        Have I allowed partisanship to muddy the waters of promise?
·        Have my words and my deeds been consistent with my values?
·        Have I done all that I could to represent the men and women who sent me here to do this sacred work?
These are not easy questions to answer. They can keep us awake at night.  And yet they are vitally important - for it is only when our souls are tested that we come to understand both our limits and our strengths.  Throughout history, it has often been the immediacy of urgency that has pushed men and women of greatness to find the strength and courage to work together in harmony for the sake of the common good.
God, we pray that hubris might not triumph over humility.  Help these men and women work together to do the vitally important work of shepherding our great state of Colorado towards paths of compassion and wholeness.  Heal our divisions, God.  Bless the holy work of this chamber so that when they reach the end of their session, they will do so with a sense of satisfaction of a job well done.  AMEN

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