Saturday, September 13, 2014

Temple Emanuel, Denver's 5775 Rosh HaShanah Video is online!

Each year, our congregational staff creates a new video for Rosh Hashanah.  Here is this year's artistic triumph.  Feel free to share on your Facebook pages and other social media.  Shavuah tov and Shanah Tovah!


Welcome to Emanuel Rosh HaShanah

(To the tune of “Hotel California.)
Lyrics - Rabbi Joe Black

On a Hilltop side street
A mile high in the air
Stands a wonderful Synagogue
Filled with hope, joy and prayer.
There are so many people here
On a normal weekday
But soon we’ll be overflowing
On the first of Tishrei.
Two Rabbis and two Cantors
And a Rabbi Emeritus
Plus a staff that’s amazing
We hire only the best.                                         
We’re getting ready for the New Year
No time to delay
And when the shofar is sounded
You can hear us say:
Welcome to Emanuel Rosh HaShanah
Such a Holy Day…. (Such a Holy Day)
Such a Holy Day.
Seek teshuvah at Emanuel Rosh HaShanah
It’s the Jewish way – when we sing and pray.
We’re vacuuming the hallways
And putting books on the shelf.
‘Cause we know that our synagogue
Won’t get clean by itself.
We dip the apple in the honey
What a special treat
We wish each other Shanah Tovah
May the New Year be sweet.

So many different options
To pray like a good Jew
We’ve got Rosh HaShanah Unplugged
And Shema Koleynu
You can go up to Shwayder
And pray at 10,200 feet
Our cantors and our choir will be singing
Our joy will be complete.

Soon we’ll all be together
As we greet the new year
If you’re looking for a spiritual home
You can find it here.
And with all the changes occurring
One thing you can believe
Once you check out Emanuel
You’ll never want to leave.



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  1. Very well done ! Let this sort of production not be rare !