Sunday, July 14, 2013

George and Trayvon: Reflecting on a verdict: 7/13/13

God, you commanded us to work for justice.
Twice, You said it:  "Justice, Justice shall you pursue."
Help us to understand the power of that pursuit.

Is justice to be found on dampened, darkened streets?
In methodical courtroom questioning?
In screams for help that only mothers can hear?

In our pursuit, are we doing Your holy work or our own?

Perhaps instead of running, we should be talking.
Perhaps instead of shooting we should be seeing.
Perhaps instead of raging we should be remembering......

So many lives lost.
So many futures cut short.

Teach us to see that OUR justice is messy,
Is painful,
Is imperfect.

It is YOUR justice that we cannot see, God-
And yet we continue in our quest.

We are running towards the answer.
We are running away as well.

Sometimes we reach our destination.
Many times we are cut short.
From the pursuit.
By the pursuit.

In the darkened streets of our self-imposed exile
In the bright lights of the courtroom cameras
We cannot see what lies in front of our noses:

Justice is not an end.....
It is only a tool
To try and see
Your reflection
In the frightened eyes
Of our children.

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