Friday, December 14, 2012

Another Prayer in the Atermath of Tragedy

Another Prayer in the Atermath of Tragedy.

On this 6th day of Hanukah, we pray for all those who were affected by the terrible events that took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  Our hearts are breaking as we read the news of the tragic deaths of young children and adults.  Tonight, as we kindle lights in observance of Hanukah and Shabbat, the brightness of our celebration is eclipsed by the horror of these events.

Once again, we have seen how one person with easy access to firearms can unleash the demons that plague his soul upon unsuspecting innocents.

Once again our nation is in shock as we comprehend the immensity of a tragedy that could have easily been prevented.

How many times must a massacre like this occur before we realize that the epidemic of violence which plagues our society must be stopped?

When will the time be right to address the root causes of random and senseless violence?

When will those who reap power and profit from the sale and manufacture of deadly assault weapons be called to account for their manipulative propaganda?

Now is time to use the shock, anger and grief that we feel in the wake of this tragedy to demand laws that restrict and prohibit the sale and easy access to weapons of mass destruction in our society.

Tonight we will celebrate the power of the few against the many – the powerless against the powerful.  As we light our hanukiot, let us also raise our voices in grief and demand that action be taken to rid our nation of this scourge.

O God who dwells in the hearts and minds of all who seek Your presence, we ask your guidance and comforting presence in this time of trouble.  Give us the strength to bring peace into Your troubled world.


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  1. Thank you,Rabbi Black, for expressing your thoughts and feelings so elequently. Your heartfelt words represent the sentiments of so many who struggle to make sense of this horrendous tragedy. L.Resnick