Saturday, July 21, 2012

Opening Prayer for a Shabbat in the aftermath of tragedy.

Eloheynu V’elohey avoteynu,
We come here tonight to this sacred place – numb with shock and grief – in the aftermath of a senseless tragedy that has shaken our state and our nation to the very core.  Our hearts are heavy as we contemplate the horror of this day.  WE realize just how precious and fragile are the lives with which we have been gifted.
We have been a witness to Evil O God..  We pray for the families and loved ones of those who were murdered.  We ask for Your healing blessing upon those who are wounded.  Guide the hands of the surgeons and healers who labor feverishly to save the lives of the injured.

On this Shabbat, in addition to our prayers for our own community here in Colorado, we are also  mindful of those who died and were wounded  in Bulgaria at the hands of terrorist murderers.  That this tragedy occurred on the 18th anniversary – to the date – of the bombing  of a Jewish center in Argentina makes out horror more acute.  All of these victims of terror lost their lives simply because they were Jews.  They paid for their innocence in blood.
God – we pray for hope on this Shabbat.  In this time of Sinat – Chinam – baseless hatred, we ask that you help us to find and create – Ahavat Chinam – unrestricted love.  May we find pathways of peace that will help us to see you in the beauty of your creation – unrestricted by the blinders of hatred and violence.

Give us strength as we comfort one another.
Give us hope as we contemplate the possibilities for healing.
Help us to work to build a better, safer world.

We thank you for the gift of community. 

We thank you for this Shabbat – this day that provides us with an opportunity to reflect on our lives with meaning and purpose.


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