Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Invocation for the Colorado State House of Representatives - February 9. 2012


Our God you have placed us in a world filled with beauty.

You have given us the ability to see, hear, feel, taste and smell Your creation.

But with these gifts come responsibilities, O God.

When we see injustice, You taught us never to be blinded by expedience.

When we hear intolerance, You taught us never to be deafened by indifference.

When we feel the sting of oppression, You taught us never to be dulled by complacency

When we taste the bitterness of bigotry, You taught us never to be lulled into the trap of dehumanization

When we smell the stench of hypocrisy, You taught us never to be fooled by the tyranny of the commonplace.

There is so much work to be done in O God! Help these legislators to use all of their senses to distinguish between the politic and the poetic, the sordid and the sacred.


May the urgency of the deliberations that will take place in these hallowed halls move beyond these rigid walls. May they provoke a visceral reaction in our society – stirring us all to strive to achieve our best and truly appreciate the many gifts you have given.

Bless these leaders and bless these proceedings with a passion for justice and a longing for righteousness.

May this day bring about change.

May this day be filled with hope.

May we all be open to Your presence.


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