Monday, October 24, 2011

Interesting Article on the Israeli Rabbinate

I'm attaching a link to an article from the Israeli newpaper,Ha-Aretz that talks about the necessity for changing the current corrupt and morally bankrupt monopoly that the Israeli Rabbinate holds over the citizens of the State of Israel.  Even the ultra Orthodox community is finding ways to sidestep the necessity for dealing with this monolithic and destructive institution.  I look forward to your feedback:

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  1. Although I am a reform Jew, I realize Israel was built to be a religious state. That being said, our religion is grounded in the Torah, Bible, Mishna etc. The Orthodox are the ones who truly keep the concept of Judaism alive. Especially with laws regarding Sabbath, which admittedly we all break, from allowing cars in temple on Sabbath to using electric guitars, or buttons to open the ark etc.
    Once the rulers start to ease up on some of the rules, do you not feel that it would be a slippery slope and Judaism and its strong tradition of laws would start to wither away.

    Should Israel become a non religious state?
    If it eases up does it start a slippery slope?
    in some ways, shouldn't the rabbi be respected for keeping up the thousands of years of laws that have been passed down.

    Believe me I love the fact I can practice Judaism the way I want , but I also respect that there are people who do uphold the history and tradition of the religion even better then myself.
    I hope it lasts 1000's of more years.