Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Opening Prayer for the CO State House During a Holy Season - April 4, 2023


Our God and the God of all people:

God of the Left and God of the Right

God of the Judged and God of the Jurist

God of the Doubter and God of the Driven

God of those who have no God:

We are living in troubled times. We are part of a nation divided and a legislative body that finds it difficult to come together in spite of our differences. Divisions and distrust permeate everything that happens in this sacred space.

And yet - buried beneath the layers of legislation and protocol that consume every elected official, advisor, clerk, officer and servant of this chamber is a seed of hope – waiting to germinate and blossom into legislation that lifts up the Springtime possibility of promise.

We stand together at a sacred time for the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Communities.  The messages of rebirth and renewal that are central to the festivals of Passover and Easter compel us to find hope in times of trauma. The blessings of inner devotion and dedication to renewed moral and spiritual understanding underpin Ramadan’s fasts and celebrations.

How can we channel the values, spiritual depth and promise of this sacred time for three of the world’s great religions?

Perhaps, those who have been charged with leading our State and creating and protecting its laws - and all who labor to support them – should see how blessed they are with the potential to make a difference.

And so - may any arguments that arise be for the sake of Heaven.

Bless this house, O God. May enmity provoke aspiration.

May conflict dissolve into communion.

And may we all find Your presence in our lives as we witness the rebirth and renewal of this sacred season.



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