Thursday, February 15, 2024

Love Lessons for Legislators - Invocation for the Colorado State House for Valentine's Day

Our God and God of all people.

We know you by many names:

God of mercy, God of Justice, God of Salvation, God of all Humanity

But this morning – let us call you God of Love…..

Today is February 15th. Yesterday was Valentine’s day.

Some here today – the more cynical among us - might think that a day set aside to focus on love is a ploy to sell chocolate and flowers. And they may be right. After all, shouldn’t we show our love every day? Shouldn’t we be grateful for the laughter and the tears, the kisses and caresses, the support and joy, the passion and the playfulness we share that makes each day seem brighter than the one before? The love that we give and receive makes us better human beings…….

But we aren’t always aware, are we? We are forgetful. We are creatures of habit. We take the people around us for granted and we expect them to love us nonetheless. And the crazy thing about it is that they do. Most of the time….

Dear God,

Our diverse traditions teach us that Your essence is love. You love us –otherwise why would you tolerate us?

If You did not love us, how would you be able to stand idly by while we diminish Your image by despoiling your beautiful world?

If You did not love us, how could You let us live when we ignore the suffering in our streets or the violence that is daily fare for those persecuted because of the color of their skin, their faith, or birthplace, who they love or how they love?

If you did not love us, you would not permit the toxicity of discourse that makes legislation so painful.

If You did not love us, you would not have given us a conscience that wakes us from our slumber and forces us to realize our weakness, our frailty, our greed and our hubris.

Help us to love You  - O God of Love. Help us to love one another – so much so that we might rise above the partisanship that all too often places stumbling blocks in the path of governance.

Help us to live so that we see that our very ability to love is a gift.

Bless these legislators O God. Bless all who labor for the sake of our beautiful state of Colorado. Help them to love one another. Help them to love their compassion and their quarrels. Help them to love the differences and the moments of clarity that occur when they do Your sacred work and help to perfect our world.

At this season of Valentines day – may we all find ways to rejoice in the love that makes our lives complete.

It takes time to love – it takes patience. Sometime it even takes chocolate and flowers.

But sometimes, our love makes Your love a reality.

May it be so today.  AMEN

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