Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Our Budget Reflects Our Values - Opening Prayer for the CO State House - April 9, 2015

Our Budget Reflects Our Values
Invocation for the Colorado State House
Rabbi Joseph R. Black – Temple Emanuel, Denver, CO
April 9, 2015

Our God and God of all people:
On this sacred day – these legislators are focused on the difficult task of approving a $25 Billion budget for our fair State of Colorado.   While many see the budgeting process as a tedious wrangling of numbers from one column to another so that the final results might be balanced, there is another way to approach it.  Instead of seeing columns, figures and numbers, might we also consider the fact that each dollar allocated serves as an opportunity to bring about change and hope in the lives of all too many of our citizens whose capacity for wonder is compromised by the brutal struggle for daily existence?
Our budgets reflect our values.
Our values color our vision of the world around us.
Our vision determines the way we live up to the sacred responsibilities that have been entrusted to us – as legislators, citizens and servants of a God who holds us to high standards of compassion and cooperation.
On this day of deliberation, let us pray that these lawmakers will see the faces of the men, women and children who are  affected by each column in the balance sheet; each line item that has been added or subtracted before the finals are tallied.
At the end of this day, may all of these dedicated public servants be able to find peace in the knowledge they have done all that they could  to make our world, our state, our neighborhoods, our homes – our very selves – just a little bit better.
May politics and pride be no stumbling block to the achievement of the shared goal of working to perfect this all-too imperfect world.
God we thank you for the opportunities You have given us to make a difference.  May we continue to go and grow from strength to strength.

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