Thursday, January 24, 2013

Invocation for the Colorado House of Representatives - 1/24/13

Invocation for the Colorado House of Representatives
January 24, 2013

Rabbi Joseph R. Black – Temple Emanuel, Denver, CO
Our God and God of all people:
God of the rich and God of the poor.
God of the haves and God of the hopeless.
God of the frightened and God of the fearless.
God of our certainties and God of our doubts…..
Throughout the Centuries men and women have sought your presence.  Where are You, God?
Some of us can find You in our churches, synagogues, mosques and Temples.
Some of us can feel Your presence in our sacred halls of governance.
Some of us stumble upon reflections of Your caring in the flotsam and jetsam of our daily lives:
·        in the faces of our loved ones
·        in the hopes of those who have sent these elected officials to sit in these assigned seats
·        Even in the scribbled margins of the pages stacked neatly on these desks – You are there… If we but look for You
You are present in moments of supreme Joy.
We long for You in times of shock and sorrow - which we have come to know all too well these past months....
Some of us ask if You are necessary.
·        There are those who deny Your existence – and yet live lives filled with meaning, purpose and value.
·        And there are others who claim to know You intimately – to represent You - but whose self-centered words and deeds make a mockery of Your holiness.
And yet, throughout history, we have looked to You and Your Word to provide hope, courage and compassion for all of Your creation.
On this day of deliberation, we pray that those who seek meaning and purpose in their lives and through their work will find you in the potential to make a difference in their actions.
At this time of new beginnings, may Your presence guide even those who do not seek You.
We pray that you might be present to those who labor on behalf of our community.
Thank you for all of Your blessings.

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