Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Invocation for the CO State House: The True Meaning of Power

Invocation for the Colorado House of Representatives
January 31, 2013
Rabbi Joseph R. Black
Temple Emanuel, Denver, CO
Dear God –
We can all feel the power in this room: 
The power to make change. 
The power to legislate.
The power to denigrate – to desecrate – to perpetuate – to change the fate of our community…
But this power is fragile:   it is limited by term, tenure and temperament.
It is also illusory – for everything we do is relative to our situation and our ability to perceive the world around us.
On this beautiful morning – let us think about other kinds of power – the power that is not bestowed by the ballot box, but rather by our ability to perceive the miracles that surround us.
The rising of the sun is not affected by the pounding of the gavel.
The winds that bring desperately needed rain and snow are not dependent on rhetoric, reason or debate.

·         The laughter of small children and the desperate cries of mothers and fathers who cannot feed them;

·         The emptiness in the eyes of the downtrodden;

·         The optimism of those who work to bring hope to the hopeless…

…all of these and more are driven either by a vision of hope or our inability to find it in the dark dungeons of despair.
Help us all to make a difference, O God.
We can feel the power in this room – not because of our feeble attempts to bring order into chaos – but because of our passion for truth, righteousness and justice.

Eternal Creator – be with us this day.  Help us to see the wonders of Your creation.  Keep us humble and aware of our debt to You for the very air we breathe and the dance of life you grant us – and for the music we feel with every breath.
And in the awareness of their own hubris, may these legislators work together to overcome petty partisanship and apathy that poisons the precious opportunities that they are granted to make a difference.

We thank you for the power of partnership.
We are humbled by Your Grace.


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